How to Get Rid of Headache without Medicine

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get rid of headacheThe severity of headache generally varies depending on the causes. Some causes attributed to it include migraine, tension headache, sinus headache, and hangover. Nobody wants to suffer from it, but there are times when we just can’t get away from the great nuisance that a headache gives. And although over the counter medication treatment always come in hand to address the issue, some researchers attest that among the side effects of the use of pain reliever pills is getting rebound headache. Therefore, if you are looking for another option and that is typically how to get rid of headache without medicine, here are some of the natural approaches you can do.

How to Treat Headache Naturally

Primarily, how to cure headaches revolve on identifying what causes the condition in the first place.  For instance, triggers such as stress, hunger, extreme cold, eye strain, and a lot more may bring about tension headache. Excessive consumption of alcohol, on the other hand, results to hangover. Inflammation of the sinuses and enlargement of the blood vessels may bring about sinus headache and migraine.  After you’ve identified them, the nest step you have to do is to prevent the triggers that can cause the situations and can make matters worse.

But in general, one can find benefits from the home remedies such as:

  • Ice wrapped in a washcloth may be applied on the forehead to provide relief from the pain and help get rid of headache fast.
  • Take a lot of rest. You can lie down in a dimly-lit room and you’ll wake up feeling that the headache is gone.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Usually, the head aches as a result of dehydration such as in the case of hangover. Try drinking tap water instead of cold since the latter may aggravate the situation more.
  • Try to eat on time and never skip meals. Opt for a healthy diet and make sure that enough vitamins and minerals are present in what you’re eating since they are also beneficial in preventing headaches.
  • Lemon juice may be added on your water or tea since it contains aromatherapy which makes it a natural cure for the condition.
  • Cayenne pepper is another home remedy which you can use if you are suffering from sinus headache.
  • Herbal teas such as ginger and peppermint are great ways on how to provide relief from the issue.
  • Other holistic and natural types include acupressure, massage, and other relaxation techniques will surely help you be free from headache without the use of drugs.

Headache is something that most people get at some point in our lives. However, dealing with it has become much easier already since there are a couple of ways you do on how to get rid of headache without medicine.




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