How to Get Super Glue off your Skin

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superglue on skinGetting your fingers or any part of the body such as your face and hands stuck with Super Glue, Krazy, and Epoxy may be a funny experience, but it can be pretty scary as well when you’re not able to get it off no matter how much you try.  While Super Glue may be the most powerful adhesive you can come across and the most helpful in fixing some household things, removing it is a very arduous task as well.  So, how to get Super Glue off your skin, you ask? Read on to find out.

How to Get Super Glue off your Skin

  1. Apply hot to warm compress to the affected area for atleast a minute.  Heat application is noted to work well in removing adhesives from the skin.
  2. Rub the skin with a hand lotion and wait as it slowly peels the Super Glue stuck on the body part.
  3. Another way to get rid of Super Glue off the skin is to apply petroleum jelly.
  4. Margarine or vegetable oil may be rubbed repeatedly on the area of affectation in order for the glue to be peeled away.
  5. Acetone is the most popular remedy to get Super Glue off your skin as it can break down cyanoacrylate, the primary component of adhesives like Super Glue. However, this may be sensitive to the facial area, so you need to be extra careful.  Moreover, using this on any glass, plastic, and clothes may cause yellowish discoloration.

Well, that’s it.  Those are just some of the tips you can follow on how to successfully get rid of that sticky issue.  In an instance when it didn’t peel regardless of the tips, you can just let it sit and wait as it peels on its own.  Good luck!




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Date: April 5, 2011 | Category: General Health
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