How to Get Water Out of Your Ears

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water inside earsIt can get annoying at times when you got water in ear especially during swimming or when merely just taking a bath. The result can leave you in an uncomfortable situation and even in pain. What’s more is that it can lead to an ear infection when not prompted immediately. So, have you been faced with the same situation and wondering  how you can get water out of your ears easily? Well, just follow some of our tips by reading the entire article below.

How to Get Water Out of Your Ears Naturally

  • Allow the person to lie down on his side with the affected ear faced down. Be still in the position as you wait for gravity to work on draining the water from your ears.
  • You can also blow dry the ear by setting up the hair dryer in a low temperature and pointing its nozzle onto your inner ear. This can help dry up water in the ear thus getting rid of the situation in the fastest way.
  • Prepare an otic solution consisting of 50 percent alcohol and 50 percent vinegar. With a medicine dropper, pour atleast 2-3 drops onto the ear. Doing this will help dry up water left in the ear canal. Another option maybe doing it only with vinegar and without alcohol.
  • When water is clogged onto the inner ear, try to yawn or chew food to provide relief from the situation.
  • Over the counter antiseptic drops may be used as well to address the issue. Pour atleast 2-3 drops on the affected ear and tilt the head thus making sure that the affected area is facing down.

Well, those are just some tips you can follow on how to get water out of your ears. In instances when the issue doesn’t seem to resolve despite the above mentioned tips, you can always visit a doctor to address the condition.




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Date: June 1, 2011 | Category: General Health
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