How to Keep Child Away from Junk Food?

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how to keep your child away from junk foodHave you been keeping your child away from junk food? Do you find it difficult to make your child stay away from it? Well you know it’s unhealthy but it’s really hard to compete with the influence of the environment, everything that your child sees outside are junk, the tendency is that he is tempted to all those. As parents you must keep your child healthy, that is one of your responsibilities and so whatever it takes, you must be able to eliminate junk food in them.

Keeping Your Kid Away From Unhealthy Food

Here are ways to keep your child away from junk food:

  • Let you child understand the benefits of eating healthy food and the disadvantages or consequences of eating junk food. Let him learn those things.
  • Do not expect for an abrupt change. Give him time to stay away from those unhealthy food items he sees outside.
  • Junk food items are very high in salt and oil content. Too much salt is bad for the kidneys, and too much oil can’t be digested easily producing toxins which are harmful to the body organs. Let your child know these information making him realize that eating junk food is a torture to his body.
  • Prepare snacks and healthy packed lunch for your child. You are not in control of the food they have in school, so preparing them some food to bring in school every day would be a great help.
  • Instead of eating at restaurants, prepare a healthy meal at home. Be creative in preparing food for your children so they would be attracted.
  • Be a model for your child. Be sure that you eat healthy. Get a good result by simply showing your child what should be done.

Never invest in buying junk foods, they will never do good on you, you’ll just be wasting your money. Junk foods are empty, they are not nutritious. It may be a challenge but you’ll be thankful is you are able to let your child learn to stay away from junk food.




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Date: September 28, 2011 | Category: General Health
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