How to Know if You are Anemic

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anemic manA decrease in number of red blood cells usually result to a condition called anemia. This blood related disorder has a lot of causes including blood loss, but the most common cause attributed for its occurrence is iron deficiency. Being anemic during pregnancy is widespread since the baby inside of you is in great need for blood supply.

Being low in iron thus suffering from anemia can be life threatening which is why one must have a clear knowledge regarding the signs and symptoms of this condition. How to know if you’re anemic, you wonder? Lucky you as we have the answers for you. Look at some of the signs given which clearly states that you might be suffering from it. Let’s see.

How to Tell if You’re Anemic

  • Pale skin tone associated with dark circles around eyes can be a presumptive sign that you lack hemoglobin in the blood.
  • Total exhaustion and easy fatigability
  • Shortness of breath when performing activities of daily living
  • General weakness
  • Dizziness, headache, and lightheadedness
  • Fainting episodes may be experienced as a result of lack in hemoglobin
  • Cold extremities are indication that you might be suffering from the condition, too.  This happens because of poor circulation in the body.
  • Confusion and inability to concentrate is also another symptom of anemia.
  • The absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) may result to the condition, too.

What is the Treatment for Anemia?

If you suspect the occurrence of anemia, it would be so much better to consult a doctor to make further tests such as blood tests to check or find out the condition. Oftentimes, iron supplements are given which are taken with food to prevent stomach upset. In addition, iron tablets should not be taken with milk the absorption will be delayed.

As for home treatment, your diet can be beneficial to prevent this from happening. With this, one should be encouraged to eat iron rich foods. Food sources high in iron include red meat, liver, eggs, dried beans, and green and leafy vegetables.




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