How to Know If You are Fertile or Not

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how to know if you are fertile or notKnowing when your ovulation period is essential especially when you are planning on being pregnant. The same may also be done if you are preventing pregnancy as well. We all know that fertilization may only take place during your fertile days or the period when you’re ovulating. And while, a woman’s menstrual cycle may differ from one woman to another, there are actually some measures on how to know if you are fertile or not. How to do it? Read below to learn more.

Find Out Whether You’re Fertile or Not

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) – Known as a form of natural contraception, BBT is also another way on ho w to check if you are fertile or infertile. This is taken after you’ve awaken in the morning and prior to performing any activity. When your BBT rises, it only means that you’re ovulating and the rate of pregnancy is high.

Calendar Method – This has been a conventional option when it comes to finding out your date of ovulation. For a regular cycle which is the 28-day, the woman is usually fertile on the 14th days after the first day of her menstruation. Oftentimes, fertility lasts for no longer than two days.

Cervical Mucus – The discharge of the female can also one of the strange indicator on how to tell if you are fertile or not.  You know if you are safe when there is dryness and absence of cervical fluids. However, you are ovulating when the consistency becomes sticky, thick, and stretchy which is similar to that of the egg whites. Pregnancy may occur 3-5 days before that ovulation period.

Ovulation Predictor Kit – It detects the amount of luteinizing hormone (LH) in a woman’s sterile urine and once the LH is elevated after 2-3 days, the chance of being impregnated is high. Ovulation predictor kits are widely available in a lot of local health stores now.

Whether you want to conceive or not, your fertile days depend on your ovulation period which is why it pays a hefty price if you are aware of your own cycle. Good luck on your quest!




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