How to Know if you Have Herpes

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How to Tell if you Have HerpesNowadays, herpes has become a prevalent sexually transmitted disease (STD).  Its causative agent is the herpes simplex virus which can be categorized into two types – HSV type 1 which is responsible for the herpes in the oral cavity or the mouth. The type causes blisters and cold sores surrounding the area of the mouth wherein kissing and indirect contact (e.g. sharing of glasses or utensils) are responsible.

On the other hand, we have the HSV type 2 which results to genital herpes thus the vagina, penis, as well as the area surrounding them are affected.  As well all know it; genital herpes may be acquired as a result of sexual intercourse with an infected partner.  Apparently, there is another herpes virus which causes shingles.  But this doesn’t call for an alarm since it is only a re-expression of chicken pox and not a kind of STD.

It is accounted that atleast 50-80 percent of the population in the US is affected with this STD. Unfortunately, there isn’t any cure for this kind of STD thus it goes alongside the HPV-related disease. More than the embarrassment it brings, this is way too alarming. Hmm, worried much?  Then maybe you’re wondering how to know if you have herpes? Well, take a look at our guide below.

How to Tell if you Have Herpes

Oral Herpes/ Herpes in Mouth: Apparently, its signs and symptoms concern the lips. The disease will be characterized with reddish lesions and blisters accompanying discharge which is greenish in color.  Local inflammation on the lip area will be present and will begin to peel eventually.  This can be very painful. Other symptoms manifested are fever and flu-like symptoms.

Genital Herpes: How to tell if you have genital herpes, this has been a rampant question by many people.  Well, red and sore bumps may be seen on the genital area and they are characterized with yellowish discharge.  However, this is barely noticed as genital herpes in men and in women is often asymptomatic. Other associated symptoms are fever, cluster of papules and vesicles on the area which are itchy and painful, difficulty passing urine, back ache, and muscle aches.

Worries you might have had contracted the disease? If you are, then ensure that medical attention is sought to further discuss the stages of your condition and be able to plan treatment that would be beneficial on how to cure or treat the condition.

There you go.  Thats how to  tell if you have herpes.  Be sure to take care of yourself and your partner to eliminate possibilities of acquiring the disease.




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