How to Know When You are Ovulating

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how to know when you are ovulatingAs a woman, it pays to learn when you are fertile or not since this can either help you become pregnant or cut the rate of pregnancy from happening. However, trying to check when you are ovulating may be a bit confusing since it varies from one woman to another.

A thing that is permanent though is that every month, your body is being prepared from the chance of getting pregnant where you release an egg from the ovum. Although it depends on one’s menstrual cycle, for a normal cycle, ovulation may occur on the 14th day. During the ovulation period, the egg is prone to fertilization for 1-2 days, thus if you’re planning to get pregnant, then sexual intercourse would be a great idea at that time.

But how to know when you are ovulating, you ask? Below are some of the signals that your body may send to tell that you are fertile or not. Continue reading on.

How Can You Tell if You are Ovulating

  1. Basal Body Temperature – during a woman’s fertile period, her temperature usually increases. This can be done by listing your body temp early in the morning before doing any activity. Start on the first day of your menstruation and find out what day your body temp usually rises. That peak when your temp is high is the indicator that you are ovulating.
  2. Ovulation Kits – These come available at your local health stores, these predictor kits actually measures levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) which usually surges when you are fertile.
  3. Cervical Mucus – Do this by checking your vaginal discharge and take note of its consistency. When it’s light and not visible at all, then that indicates your non-fertile phase. On the other hand, when it becomes thick and sticky which can be compared to that of the white of an egg, then that only indicates that you are likely on your fertile stage.
  4. Ovulation Calendar – As mentioned above, your ovulation period may be dependent on the length of your cycle. That is, when you have a 28-day cycle, most likely you can get pregnant on the 14th day of your menstrual cycle.
  5. Ovulation Calculator – This is also available on the Internet which asks you to indicate the first day of your last menstrual period and indicate when you are most like fertile.
  6. Mittelschmerz – oftentimes, this can also be a sign that you’re ovulating. The word refers to slight cramping on the lower abdominal area. So, make sure that you listen to your body well.

Now, if you’re dying to know when you are getting pregnant and how to get pregnant, then take note of the signals mentioned above to help you with your quest. Good luck on trying!




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