How to Make Sassy Water to Flatten your Belly

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Sassy water to flatten bellySassy water – there was a time when several women are in the hype of searching what this recipe is. And up until now, the name continues to be very popular since it is actually known to help people who wanted to drop off some pounds from their belly.

Apparently, the name was derived from the name of its creator, Cynthia Sass who is the author of The Flat Belly Diet. The diet encourages drinking water with some added ingredients to help eliminate fat, toxins and contaminants, and excess water in the body to prevent bloating.

If this has gotten you interested, you may have wondered how to make sassy water to flatten your belly then? Read the rest of the article below to learn how.

Recipes to Flatten Your Belly – Sassy Water

What you need:

8.5 cups of water or about 2 liters

1 medium-sized cucumber; sliced thinly and peeled

1 medium-sized lemon; sliced thinly

1 teaspoon ginger; freshly grated

12 small spearmint leaves

How to Make It:

  • Pour the water into a pitcher or a jug. Water should be filtered as much as possible to reduce the risk of it being contaminated.
  • Prepare the rest of the ingredients and make sure that they are sliced thinly and the outer coatings are peeled. Spearmint leaves should be torn in small pieces.
  • Add all the ingredients into the jug of water and shake the solution well.
  • Place the jug or the pitcher in the refrigerator overnight and make sure that drink it the next day. This can be made substitute for sodas and other beverages.

What makes the diet effective is for the reason that cucumbers, lemons, and gingers are known to be natural diuretics which therefore eliminate excess water in your system that make you feel bloated. Spearmint leaves, on the other hand, are another helpful plant when it comes to weight loss quest.

There have been a lot of diet plans which promise to help you solve your overweight problems such as the Mediterranean diet, and make MUFA diet for weight loss. The diet plans may not work the same form one person to another, and the trick is to always search for the best plan that will work for you. Therefore, why not try this free sassy water recipe and who knows, it might just be the solution to your dilemma. Good luck!




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