How to Make Your Breast Stop Hurting

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how to stop breast from hurting

It’s almost that time of the month and you know you’re going to be put under a spell called premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The condition brings about a lot of symptoms and among them is breast tenderness. Not only does breast tenderness occur as a sign of PMS. Instead, women who are pregnant or lactating can also suffer from the pain the situation brings merely as a result of fluctuation in the hormones. Other causes such as the use of oral contraception, breast infection, and increase in the size of the boobs can also be linked for its occurrence.

It brings pain and it makes your breasts sore. Breast tenderness is a big concern. Therefore, below are some suggestions that you can do on how to make your breast stop hurting.  Get rid of that feeling of heaviness and start to feel good by following our tips below.

Stop Painful Breast Tenderness

  • Choose a good bra. Wear cotton sports bra and make sure that it’s snugly fitted to help you feel better.
  • If breast tenderness is caused by infection, make sure to air dry your nipples to prevent them from cracking and hurting. Oftentimes, it is also a solution to stop breastfeeding until such time that the infection has healed.
  • Ice application can also help stop swelling and relieve pain. The ice packs can be stuffed on your bra for 10 minutes or longer to eliminate soreness.
  • Taking a hot shower definitely helps in order to feel better for the reason that it improves blood circulation in the area thus getting rid of pain and swelling. Heating pad placed directly on the area of affectation may be done as well.
  • Oftentimes, application of aloe vera gel or cream to soothe the area also helps to end pain in the boobs.

With the abovementioned tips, you are on your way to eventually decrease the agonizing pain that breast tenderness gives. Well then follow the remedies stated above and we hope that it will work for you.




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Date: September 13, 2011 | Category: Women's Health
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