How to Make Your Nails Stronger, Harder, and Longer

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grow longer, stronger, and harder nailsAdmit it, having attractive and beautiful nails make a woman more feminine and sexy. But apart from that notion, nails which look beautiful is one of the areas of reflection that you are healthy since having weak nails could indicate that you are deficient in nutrition.

Stronger, harder, and longer nails – it is a challenge to achieve this one. Therefore, we’ll come to the rescue and we’ll give you tips on how to make your nails stronger. Learn more as we discuss the tips below.

Grow Nails Longer and Stronger

  1. Wear rubber gloves everytime you work at home. Since most of the household chores can pose damage to your nails thus you can protect them by doing so.
  2. Hydrate your nails often. Rub some petroleum jelly on your cuticle. You can also break a capsule of Vitamin E and pour its contents on the skin surrounding your nails. These remedies help in moisturizing your nails especially when they feel too dry.
  3. Trim fingernail and toenail on a regular basis. Make sure that you file them correctly to avoid ingrown.
  4. For weaker and more brittle nails, you can rub garlic onto it as an effective home remedy. This home remedy has been used and noted to help to have strong nails.
  5. Your diet plays a vital role when it comes to growing healthy, hard, and strong nails. Diet plan should consist of meals rich in protein, folic acid, Vitamin C, zinc, and calcium.

While nails embellished with colorful nail polish are extremely attractive, it is also important to free your nails from these nail polishes since regular use contributes to weaker and brittle nails. Finally, several nail strengthening products are also widely available to help you get harder nails. Make sure to apply them on a regular basis.

Following the abovementioned tips will then allow you to flaunt your nails and never be shy about how weak or ugly they look. Hope this has helped!




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Date: September 9, 2011 | Category: General Health
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