How to Massage Breasts for Growth

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Nowadays, having bigger breasts is one of the newest ways on how to define being sexy. Moreover, a lot of stigma has been put so much into having larger busts as a means of attracting the opposite sex. Many women are just lucky enough to be gifted with beautiful bust size which they can naturally flaunt, however more women are just struggling with their manly boobs thus making them look for ways on how to make them bigger.

Woman, are you faced with the same situation? Apparently, there are a lot of methods you can actually do. The procedures range from the less invasive such as the breast enhancement creams to the more invasive ones like breast augmentation or breast implants. But, does the idea of undergoing the knife scare you? Then, why not opt for a more natural method? Say breast massage which can stimulate growth of breast size. Given in this article are the tips you can do on how to massage breasts for growth. Let’s see how you do them.

Breast Massage for Growth

In Asian countries, the act of massaging the breasts has been a common routine done in many massage parlors as its known to facilitate drainage of the lymphatic system as well as promote growth. Massages actually vary depending on the one doing it. But primarily, they can be done like the following below:

  • Choose an effective breast enhancing cream to further help in getting more toned and firmer boobs.
  • Start massaging by cupping your bust and apply a light amount of pressure to prevent pain. With one hand cupped on one of the breasts, perform a counterclockwise motion to promote healthy drainage of the lymphatic system. Perform breast lifting techniques by rubbing them in upward circular motions.
  • Continue with stimulating your nipples and push downwards and perform lifting massages. Pinch the breast as much as you can with light pressure including your nipples as if you were trying to let out milk from your breasts.
  • Repeat the counterclockwise and pinching motions for a number of cycles on each of the breast.

The routine which aims to achieve breast enlargement and development is suggested to be done 3-4 times everyday depending on your schedule and is best carried out after a shower. Good luck on your quest!




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Date: August 12, 2011 | Category: General Health, Women's Health
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