How to Minimize Pores on Face Naturally

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minimize large pores naturallyThe goal of having smooth, clear, vibrant, and glowing skin isn’t just about being able to turn other people’s heads toward you, but more of an internal desire to be healthy and display a good image of self. But with obvious huge pores on facial skin, you definitely got a problem.

Extremely large pore size is always an ugly sight as having it increases your chances of developing blackheads and whiteheads which will eventually lead to annoying acne. And although there are a lot of available products on the market to help you with your quest on how to reduce pore size, opting for the natural way on to erase large pores always seem to be a nice idea. Having said this, what exactly are some of the options you can do on how to go about minimizing pores naturally? Let’s see.

Tips on How to Cure Huge Pores the Natural Way

  • Drink adequate amount of fluids especially water everyday. Hydration is always the key in maintaining an attractive skin. Therefore, one is required to drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water to make sure that you are well hydrated and that toxins out of the system are flushed out.
  • Ice wrapped in a thin cloth can be rubbed on the skin to help close pores. Cold water can also be substitute for warm water when washing your face.
  • Baking soda is another home remedy on how to erase large pores. Moreover, the solution helps to clean face by removing excess dirt and oil and may therefore be used as a means on how to get rid of blackheads. a small amount of the powder can be mixed with water until a pasty consistency has been achieved. Apply on face for no longer than 15 minutes before finally rinsing off with cold water.
  • Apple cider vinegar has been known to do wonders when it comes to skin disorders. So, the solution can also be used to reduce open pores. This can be used at night before going to sleep and with a cotton ball soaked with the vinegar, apply it as a toner-like.
  • Tomato juice works great as well when used as toner. This can be applied on skin and be left on for about 20 minutes before finally rinsing off. Tomatoes are believed to reduce pore size and eliminate production of sebum or too much oil.

The natural treatment mentioned above is always known to deliver effective results with the absence of side effects. On another note, lifestyle measure should always be kept at bay as well in order to minimize facial pores. With this, smoking cessation, getting plenty of rest, and intake of nutritious food always top the list.




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Date: August 16, 2011 | Category: Beauty and Health
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