How to Prevent Asthma Attack

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asthma attach prevention tipsWhen you suddenly feel that your chest tightens, you start wheezing; you run out of breath, and you cough, then most probably you got the symptoms of asthma attack. Asthma is an inflammatory disorder which is usually chronic. The condition occurs when an individual’s airways are affected with causes such as allergens that then results to an allergic reaction.

Dealing with asthma is awful and disconcerting as it makes it difficult for an individual to breathe. However, there are measures you can undertake in order to keep attacks at bay. With this, read on to learn more on how to prevent asthma attack.

Prevention Tips for Asthma Attack

One of the best ways to reduce occurrence is to protect yourself. This can be done by staying away from triggers such as animal dander, dust, mites, and cigarette smoke which can inflame your airways thus resulting in asthma. They say one’s diet is also responsible for occurrence of asthma symptoms. Therefore, you should try to modify your diet dairy and milk products, eggs, and seafood.

Although asthma is commonly occurs in children, statistics says that around 20 percent of adult sufferers are due to specific drugs like NSAIDs and aspirin. Medical condition such as acid reflux may bring about its occurrence. With this, you need to talk to your doctor to adjust any treatment plan on how to treat underlying conditions. You should also ask your doctor on how to cure any respiratory infection that may trigger and worsen the condition.

Stress and anxiety can also activate allergic reaction which is why another way on how to get rid of them is to remain calm and do not panic to avoid your muscles from being tensed which in return will narrow your airways. Relaxation techniques and pursed lip breathing exercise should be done. As for home remedies, lemon and honey are always beneficial on how to prevent exacerbation and facilitate easy breathing.

Well, the abovementioned tips are just some of the facts on how to prevent asthma attack. In cases when severe asthma is experienced, always make it a point to talk with your doctor and comply to the medications as ordered.




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