How to Prevent Down Syndrome During Pregnancy

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How to Prevent Down Syndrome During Pregnancy  A couple of chromosomal abnormalities can occur when there is an error in the division of cells. In the list of such abnormalities include autism, mental retardation, cystic fibrosis, Klinefelter syndrome, and the most common is Down syndrome.

Human beings are supposed to have 46 chromosomes. In an instance when one has 47 chromosomes, he develops a genetic disorder known as Down syndrome or Trisomy 21. Statistics says that 1 out of 800 babies is affected with this condition and is usually associated with a couple of birth defects which range from mild to severe. The symptoms include slower physical development, mental disability, heart defects, and other health problems. The signs and symptoms may vary from one person to another.

If in case you are a pregnant woman, you might have wondered how to prevent your fetus from being born with this kind of disorder. But apparently, there isn’t a single preventive measure on how to go preventing it.  Luckily though, there are ways you can do on how to prevent Down syndrome during pregnancy. Let’s find out below.

Reduce the Chance of Down Syndrome

Based on a lot of studies, one simple preventive method which can help you lower the risk of having it is to give birth below 40 years old. Increasing maternal age is linked to be one of the other causes to obtaining the syndrome.

Prenatal testing is pretty necessary as well in order to make sure that you are carrying a well baby. Diagnostic procedures such as integrated testing, amniocentesis, and ultrasound can help to detect and determine any chance of its occurrence.

Finally, as a pregnant woman, you should also be responsible enough and observe healthy lifestyle. Smoking and alcohol consumption are a complete No-No during pregnancy since they can predispose you to bearing not just this kind of disorders but as well as other complications as well. Instead, opt for exercising regularly and make sure that you take enough vitamins and supplements necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

There isn’t any treatment available to help cure a child with Down syndrome. Therefore, your primary defense for it is to employ prevention methods to protect and keep your little one from acquiring any disease. But as for the facts, the suggestions mentioned above are just some of the ways on how to prevent Down syndrome during pregnancy.




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