How to Prevent Grey Hair

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stop gray hair naturallyWhen one’s hair follicles are not able to produce enough melanin to give dark color to the hair, one problem sets in. And this is none other than premature graying of hair. Before, the condition is associated with increasing age, but nowadays it has become a prevalent problem since younger people seem to be suffering from the same dilemma. Hmm, so what could be the reasons for its occurrence?

What Causes Grey Hair?

Primarily, premature graying of your crown may be blamed to genetic predisposition. If someone in the family is going through the same situation, then you are most likely to experience it as well. Stress and tension are yet another reason why the condition happens. Malnutrition and other medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s disease, etc may be linked to the problem as well. Moreover, Vitamin B12 deficiency can provoke faster graying of your locks.

Apparently, there isn’t any clear method on how to avoid or disable grey hair since it comes as a body’s natural process. There are, however, some tips that can help you prevent it. What exactly are some of them, you wonder? Read on.

Stop Gray Hair Naturally

What you put to your mouth is beneficial on how to get rid of the issue. With this, your diet plays an essential role in helping you with your query. Vitamin packed fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A, B, and E are known to help promote healthy scalp and reduce chances of having gray hair.

Stress and tension reduction will generally aid as well since they are noted to be among the major culprits why it happens. Regular exercises and even head and scalp massages are great ways of improving blood circulation in the area which is also beneficial for your quest. On the other hand, lifestyle modification especially smoking cessation must be performed. It is known that people who smoke are more likely to suffer from the condition than those who do not smoke.

Home remedies such as tea leaves, mango seeds, gooseberries, and olive and sesame oil may be applied on hair and scalp. These effective home treatments generally make efficient results on how to avoid grey hair. Other options are almond oil, Vitamin E, coconut oil, and emu oil. Intake of vitamins and minerals such as copper to prevent the problem is also a must.

The hair is your crowning glory, and although graying of it eventually is something that is unavoidable, with the measures that we’ve prevented, you will still be able to keep it from graying. Hope this has helped!




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