How to Prevent Infection after Plastic Surgery

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plastic surgeryThe thought of breast surgery, cosmetic surgery, and even other forms of surgeries are scary enough already. However, it gets even scarier when you think that the procedures pose one at high risk for infection after they’re done. Although, complications and risks for infection cannot be totally eliminated, there are, however, a lot of preventive measures one can do to avoid the situation. How to prevent infection after plastic surgery? Learn more by following our tips. But before that, let’s take a look at the signs and symptoms of infection.

Signs and Symptoms of Infection

  • Fever
  • Redness and tenderness in the surgical site
  • Pain
  • Yellow or greenish discharge present on the site
  • Foul smelling odor where the incision is seen
  • Swelling or any change in the size of the wound
  • The skin of the surgical site is warm to touch

Post Plastic Surgery Infection Prevention Tips

Primarily, the best part of the prevention mode is to make sure that the clinic or the medical institution is highly reputable to perform any surgical procedures with the absence of any infection. Knowing that you are under the hands of good surgeon is one of the best securities to keep you away from any infection.

In addition, you have to allow yourself to heal completely before proceeding or returning to your normal routine. Rest accordingly to be able to repair the tissues damaged during the procedures. You also have to pay particular attention to the advices of your doctor as they know best when it comes to how to stop infection. Bandages and gauze should be replaced and the site should be cleaned based on the doctor’s advice.

Oral antibiotic treatment should be taken accordingly thus ensuring that infection is prevented. Drinking plenty of fluids and consumption of healthy and well balanced diet is a must to keep you strong and allow your system to fight off unwanted infections.

Lastly, you should never forget to make sure that your hands are clean every time you are to hold the incision site. Aseptic technique through washing your hands properly with the use of antibacterial soap and wearing protective equipment like gloves are pretty helpful on how to prevent infection after plastic surgery.

It is pretty important to ask questions to your plastic surgeon about the after care of your procedure. With accurate knowledge on how to do stuff like this, then the fear of being afflicted with infection will be less likely.




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