How to Prevent Morning Sickness Naturally

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prevent morning sicknessThe period of gestation just brings a joyous experience for the expectant parents. Yet, pregnancy is always accompanied by many twists and changes throughout the course. For instance, we have morning sickness during pregnancy. When does morning sickness start, you ask? Well, the condition is very common during the first trimester or the first three months and disappears in the fourth month. Exact causes are actually unknown. However, its occurrence is linked to an increase production of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) as well as the estrogen hormone. Metabolic changes are also attributed as to why morning sickness happens.

Although the term is”morning sickness”, but the condition can happen anytime of the day and is usually associated with signs and symptoms such as nausea, excessive vomiting, and indigestion.  Despite the discomfort it brings, no amount of illness can surpass the joy that you’ve finally conceived. Therefore, you can perform some natural ways to ease the condition as well as on how to prevent morning sickness naturally. What are some of them? Learn more by reading the article below.

How to Prevent Morning Sickness Naturally

If you wake up feeling the signs and symptoms of morning sickness, avoid getting out of the bed immediately. Instead, consume saltine crackers before arising. Slowly get out of the bed after a half hour.

Another natural cure and remedy to help you with issue is to drink herbal tea made out of ginger root. This aids pretty well in combating nausea and vomiting brought about by the condition. Honey can be added to the herbal tea to improve taste. Other home remedies include herbal concoction of peppermint, raspberry, and dandelion as they’re known to help in providing relief from the situation.

Eating small frequent meals and drinking liquids sparingly are other ways on how to prevent morning sickness naturally. Pay attention to your diet and make sure that it contains a little amount of fat, but high in proteins and carbohydrates. Vitamin supplementation such as intake of Vitamin B6 is essential on how to treat it during pregnancy since its known to decrease the production of hormones responsible for changes during the period of being pregnant.

Exercising and other comfort measures such as acupressure may be beneficial to avoid being stuck with the disgusting bouts of morning sickness. Exercises should be light and not strenuous enough to further aggravate the problem. Finally, another way on how to treat it is to avoid exposure to certain odors, and not to eat foods rich in spices, sugar, and salt that can trigger the problem.

The above-mentioned tips may be common remedies already, but they will definitely help you how to stop and get rid of the difficult phase that you’re going through. Remember though that when the condition seems to be worse that ever, contact your healthcare provider immediately.




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