How to Prevent Pancreatic Cancer

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pancreatic cancer prevention tips

Pancreatic cancer or commonly known as cancer of the pancreas is listed as the fifth common cause of mortality from cancer in the United States and Canada. It is accounted that atleast 10,000 individuals are diagnosed with the disease every year. The cancer of the pancreas is also touted as the “silent killer” since the course of the disease has only a few to no symptoms at all. Symptoms are only seen when the illness has progressed to later stages.

When it comes to its prognosis, the life expectancy of the patient who is in stage 4 is five months, but early stages have better survival rate than the later ones. Once diagnosed with the condition, treatment such as surgery may be undergone as well as chemotherapy and radiation therapy to relieve its symptoms.

Causes of Cancer of the Pancreas

The specific cause of the disease is unknown, but a couple of predisposing factors put one at risk to developing it. Some of them are:

  • Familial history
  • Sex – men
  • Racial disposition – African Americans
  • Age – 60 and up
  • Previous history of ovarian or stomach cancer
  • Cigarette smoking and alcoholism

Worried about increasing the chances of having the disease? Well, there are a lot of tips you can undertake on how to prevent pancreatic cancer and reduce the likelihood of suffering from it. Continue reading on to learn more.

Pancreatic Cancer Prevention

  • Fight off obesity or being overweight. This is also another predisposing factor that can increase your chance of having the condition. Start losing weight and maintain the optimal level by performing exercises that are extremely beneficial.
  • Pay attention to your diet. One should consume foods high in antioxidants as they do not just help you on how to prevent pancreatic cancer, but as well as other cancer-related diseases. Foods rich in protein, fiber, and vitamins are essential, too. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and lean meats are also healthy foods you can eat.
  • Modify lifestyle by such as quitting smoking and limiting alcohol consumption. Smoking as a contributing factor to most forms of cancers isn’t a new topic anymore. alcohol on the other hand increases the risk of the inflammation of your pancreas which may progress to the type of cancer later on.
  • Early detection is one of the best ways on how to go about preventing yourself from being struck by the illness. Regular screening to individuals especially those who are at high risk like the abovementioned factors should seek check-up to undergo tests that will surely help in detecting such occurrence.

Just the thought of being afflicted with cancer is dreadful enough already which is why proper actions must be taken as well as steps on how to go about reducing or totally eliminating the chances of having cancer of the pancreas. Stay healthy!




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