How to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases / Infections

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sexually transmitted diseasesThere are a lot of types of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) than can affect both men and women. Some of them include the following:

–          AIDS/ Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

–          Genital Herpes/ Genital warts

–          Chlamydia

–          Trichomoniasis

–          Syphilis

–          Hepatitis B

–          Gonorrhea

Nobody would want to acquire any of the sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Yet, many people are still neglecting every inch of prevention on how to avoid being tangled with STD infections. It is extremely important that you have every bit of knowledge on how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases / infections. How do you go about reducing the chances of having them? Let’s see.

Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections

If you are looking for ways on how STD infections can be prevented, then most definitely you know that to be able to do it, sexual abstinence is the best choice. Avoidance from sexual intercourse guarantees you to be 100 percent free from acquiring STDs. On the other hand, being in a monogamous relationship is surely a great way of keeping yourself off from these infections. It is also advised that one should research on his/ her partner about sexual history to lower the chances of getting an STD.

Contraception through the use of condoms is a great way on how to reduce its risk. A latex condom prevents AIDS and other infections which is why if you are sexually active, you must remember to bring along with you a condom to ensure protection.

People who are sexually active should keep themselves from practicing sexual practices that could do them harm like breaking the skin. Through this, the chances of having STDs are more likely especially with an infected partner. Another care you can perform is to get yourself vaccinated with Hepa B and HPV vaccines that have become rampant already in different health institutions.

Despite teaching strategies on how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, statistics tends to keep higher every year. Therefore, it is your personal duty to guard yourself at all times and take extra care thus keeping yourself from being inflicted. But as far as the subject is concerned, the abovementioned tips are just some of the facts. Hope this has helped!




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Date: July 13, 2011 | Category: General Health
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