How to Prevent Tuberculosis

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Tuberculosis InfectionTuberculosis (TB) is a highly contagious disease brought about by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease of the respiratory tract alongside emphysema, pneumonia are just some of the leading causes of death. However, with proper knowledge and medication treatment nowadays, TB can be controlled. The disease can be easily passed on via airborne transmission thus when a person has an active tuberculosis and he coughs, sneezes, or speaks, then the bacteria can be transmitted through that.  Learning how to prevent tuberculosis is a must in order to save yourself from acquiring the condition. Well, if this is your issue as well, read on some of the tips below as we highlight the prevention tips for tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis Prevention Tips

  • Consuming a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables is a must in order to prevent the disease.
  • Put a stop on transmission by using personal protective equipment such as masks.
  • Observe proper handwashing at all times especially after contact with another person or their soiled articles.
  • Ensure that children are vaccinated with the BCG vaccine in order for their bodies to fight off diseases especially TB.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking contributes a lot in occurrence of TB cases.
  • To reduce transmission, avoid being in a crowded and enclosed areas for a long period of time especially when there is known TB case.
  • Keep away from someone who coughs as you never can tell whether that person may be exposed to the bacteria.
  • If you suspect that someone in the family might be afflicted with TB and is actually displaying symptoms of it, ask him to seek medical attention immediately and abide to the medication treatment. As a caregiver, you should also strengthen your immune system by taking vitamins and minerals as well as antibiotics.
  • Isolate family member with TB. Do not use the same utensils and avoid contact with things being used by the infected person.
  • Try to have annual diagnostic test as possible such as Tuberculin test which tells about exposure to the bacteria.

Those are some steps you can do to prevent tuberculosis. Stay healthy!




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