How to Pull Loose Tooth

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Pulling Loose ToothHave you ever experience having loose baby teeth before? Who hasn’t anyway? For kids, having their first loose tooth can be a very pleasant experience because of the Tooth Fairy thingy. In adults, however, having it can be a sign of underlying dental condition such as gum diseases. But generally, loose tooth can get annoying especially when it hurts. Therefore, we wanted it to be removed in cases like these. Ideally, pulling out a loose tooth is your dentist’s task, and it is not advisable that you get yourself knocked just to get rid of it. But there are instances though when you can do it on your own like when it’s ready to come out or fall off anyway. But as an adult, you should help your child to pull out loose tooth without hurting thus eliminating injury to the tooth or gum. Wondering how to pull loose tooth? Read on how to handle the situation in the easiest way possible.

How to Pull Loose Tooth

  1. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and water before you attempt in getting out the loose teeth.
  2. Using the thumb finger, try wiggling the tooth side-by-side. Do the process for a couple of times and wait for it until it’s ready to fall out.
  3. Pull the tooth in an upward mode. Take a look if it has loosened a bit. If not, repeat step number 2.
  4. You can also ask your child to bite on a hard food such as apple. Oftentimes, this method on how to take lose tooth works well without noticing much.
  5. Try to pull it in an upward manner again. After it has come out, the area may bleed thus it is suggested that you put pressure on the gums using sterile gauze.

Follow the simple steps stated above when removing loose tooth. And once the tooth has been extracted, you need to see if there are missing parts that might have been left in the gums.  When you experience this though, ensure that dental treatment is sought.




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