How to Remove Facial Hair on Women

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how to remove facial hair on womenApart from acne, female facial hair is one of the most common concerns of many women. We know too well that women would love to be hairless as much as possible which is why it just annoys them to see goatee or beard – like hair on their face. Although puberty, hormonal imbalance, and genetic predisposition are to be blamed causes why unwanted facial hair is seen, there are apparently several treatment available on how to remove facial hair on women. Below are some which you can do.

Facial Hair Removal for a Woman

  • Say hello to tweezers. They are used as conventional solution to the problem. Unwanted facial hair is removed by plucking. However, this can be very painful.
  • Try shaving them hair. This can be very convenient since you will only be making use of a razor, it is not that recommended for removing hair on the face because it is prone to cuts and the hair is expected to grow faster.
  • Depilatory creams and lotions are also widely available for use. However, you have to choose based on your type of skin and follow the instructions carefully to prevent skin irritation and chemical burns.
  • Strips which can be pulled off are also options on how to get rid of unwanted facial hair. Another treatment option is bleaching. Although it doesn’t really remove the facial hair, it makes them less noticeable and easier to hide.
  • Laser hair removal and electrolysis are other methods which can help you eliminate hair on the face. These procedures are slightly painful and can be very hefty since they require you to frequent your dermatologist.

Oftentimes, you also have to seek the help of your doctor since an increase in growing of facial hair can also indicate underlying condition such as polycystic ovarian syndrome for many women. Therefore, treating the underlying cause can be a big help in resolving the problem.




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Date: October 20, 2011 | Category: General Health
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