How to Remove Mighty Bond from Skin

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Get Rid of Mighty Bond from SkinMighty Bond alongside Super Glue or Krazy Glue is otherwise known as cyanoacrylate adhesive.  Many turn to this adhesive especially those who struggle to repair broken items or jewelries in the house. Sure, it comes to the rescue when it’s needed, however a problem sets it once you accidentally spill some of it on to your body part especially the face, hands, hair, and skin or even on things you shouldn’t have put.  It might be a funny experience, but can be annoying at the same time.  Hmmm, so how to remove mighty bond from skin, you ask? We’ve prepared some answers for you so read on.

Some Methods to Get Rid of Mighty Bond from Skin

Method 1: In an instance when you realized that you got yourself in a sticky situation because of the Mighty Bond and a part of your body has been affected, make sure that you act immediately by washing the area with warm soapy liquid. Submerge the affected area on it for a couple of minutes and carefully scrub the affected area with a cloth. Never attempt to tear the skin apart or you might end up wounded. Do the procedure until such time that the glue has broken down.

Method 2: With a sufficient amount of acetone or nail polish remover, carefully scrub the affected area of the skin.  The acetone actually possesses property which helps break down cyanoacrylate adhesive.  However, this isn’t suggested for use in plastic, glass, or clothes as it may cause yellowish discoloration or might melt the plastic.

Method 3: Nowadays, there is a number of cyanoacrylate remover available to help get rid of instant glue. Usually, this can be found in some hardware and hobby shops and they guarantee to work well as de-bonding agent.

Is Mighty Bond messing up with you?  There is no way that you can’t get out of that sticky situation with the ideas we’ve presented you on how to get Mighty Bond from skin. Good luck!




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Date: March 17, 2011 | Category: General Health
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