How to Remove Underarm Hair

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removing underarm hairSome time ago, infamous Hollywood stars like Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore dare to flaunt themselves with such hairy armpits, and some men just found them way too hot. Still, the thought of being busted with armpit hair is a big fuss for many women at it merely indicates how hygienic you are. Apparently, underarm hair has a purpose, and it is to keep your skin dry and prevent bacteria from feeding on the area of the underarm. But even if that is so, many girls are just looking for ways on how to remove underarm hair. Yeah, this is not a big issue though as there are many options one can choose on how to get rid of that axillary hair out of your underarm. What are some of them? Let’s see.

Temporary Method for Removing Underarm Hair

Shaving is the most popular method when it comes to removing. Basically it is for the reason that you will just need a razor, snip off the hair on the surface of the skin, and you’re done. But since it’s a pretty easy task, hair growth is rather quick thus requiring you to shave again.

Another short term method for underarm hair removal is waxing. This is done by spreading the slightly warm wax on the area and pulling it off really quick once the hair has been implanted on the wax. The hair grows slowly compared to shaving, but the downside – it can be a little discomforting once the wax paper is pulled off the skin.

Plucking the hair is another temporary method to get rid of hair naturally at the comfort of your home. Through this, you’ll need tweezers to pull out the hair from your underarm. This is natural, but it can cause pain and discomfort as well such as occurrence of chicken skin and nodes.

Finally, the less invasive armpit hair removal can be done by using depilatory creams such as the ever famous Veet. The cream will only be applied on skin for a certain time, and you will wipe it off and you’re good.

Underarm Hair Permanent Removal Methods

On the other hand, if you suddenly get tired of grooming that annoying armpit hair through temporary methods, you can opt for electrolysis or laser hair removal to make it permanent. These methods usually include destroying ingrown underarm hair follicles thus stopping it from growing. However, these methods are time consuming and require a lot of sessions before you achieve desired results. Moreover, it gives underarm whitening benefit as well.

Now you got a bunch of ideas on how to remove underarm hair. it’s up tp you to decide which method you’d prefer doing. Good luck!




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