How to Sterilize Baby Bottles

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how to sterilize baby bottlesMake your baby healthy by giving the best care you can give. In this way, you are providing him the best of what you can give. Start by simply knowing the things you needed to know on how to sterilize baby bottles. Most kids to use bottles for their fluid intake especially milk. But how can we make sure that those bottles are safe for the kids to use? Keep these tips so you will know what to do.

Sterilizing Bottle Feeding Equipment

New moms may be asking how to sterilize baby bottles, this is keeping their baby healthy. Mothers really know and want the best.

  • Start by cleaning the baby bottles and nipples in a pan of water or in running water. Do not let the formula be spoiled in the bottle. After using the bottles, you must wash it already to prevent the growth of bacteria. Simply soak them in hot water and leave for some minutes to kill the bacteria.
  • There is what they call stove top sterilizer and electric sterilizer, these can make work easier. You can buy one for your kids. You just to follow the instructions given there.
  • In a big pot where you think all the bottles and nipples are suited, fill it with water and place it over heat. Pace all the things you need to sterilize including pacifiers. Do not let the water overflow. Let it boil and leave it for twenty minutes. Remove all the bottles, nipples and pacifiers form the pot with a tong and place them in a rack to let them dry. Wipe them with a clean cloth.

Keep these ways in mind when sanitizing your baby’s bottles and nipples for it doesn’t just ensure the health of your little one, but you also make milk enjoyable for him.




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