How to Stop Nose Bleeding

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home remedies to stop nose bleedingNosebleeds or medically known as epistaxis usually happens when there is injury or trauma to the nose. According to WebMD, causes attributed include high blood pressure, exposure to cold environment, high altitudes, nose picking, and excessive blowing of the nose can trigger nose bleeds. Oftentimes, nose bleeding can occur when there is rupture in the septum of the nasal passages especially n children and toddlers.

Although nose bleeding may be a common situation for a child or an adult, once you’re faced with the circumstance, it can still frighten you especially those accompanied with profuse, excessive, and crazy nose bleeding. It can come without warning thus it is pretty important that you have a background on how to stop nose bleeding. What are some of the things you can do? Here are some.

Home Remedies to Stop Nose Bleeding

The key on how to quit or stop it from happening is to control nosebleeds by doing some of the simple steps:

  1. Tell the patient to stay clam and avoid unnecessary reactions and gestures.
  2. Allow him to sit in a upright position and let him lean forward.
  3. Apply pressure on the site of bleeding by pressing the nostrils toward the midline.
  4. Put cold compress on the external part of the patient’s nose.
  5. If the bleeding continues, you can insert sterile gauze into the nostril which will help block the blood. Moreover, you can also apply pressure using the index and thumb finger. Allow a free hanging gauze so that it will be easier for you to remove it later.

As for the home remedies, a cotton ball may be soaked into a mixture of aloe vera and olive oil and can be applied on the site. Another remedy is to prevent its occurrence by keeping away from allergens such as spicy food, excessive nose picking, maintaining the level of humidity in the room, and a lot more.

Although nosebleeds can make you panicky, with the right knowledge you can learn how to stop nose bleeding correctly.




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