How to Stop Sugar Cravings Naturally

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how to stop sugar cravings naturallySugar has tons of calories. Moreover, it is noted to have little nutritional value. Still, some people can’t seem to keep themselves from reaching those candy bars or treating themselves with cake, donuts, and other sweets. Although sugar is needed in the body process, excessive amount of it can be detrimental to health. Suffering from sugar addiction? Here are some ways on how to stop sugar cravings naturally.

How to Get Rid of Sugar Cravings

  • Exercise. Doing so will help you alter your mood thus keeping you from giving into your sweet tooth. Other stress reliever and diversional activities which can help in preventing it include hanging out with friends, watching a movie, or reading a book.
  • Avoid storing sweets in your house or on your work desk.
  • Eat meals on time. Never skip meals since this won’t just ignite your food cravings, but as well as your sugar craving.
  • Cut intake of refined carbohydrates to eliminate sugar cravings. Avoid softdrinks and other sugary drinks. Replace them with milk and water instead.
  • Replace candy or chocolate bars with sugarless gum like xylitol. This way, you can control your blood sugar.
  • To a sugar addict, part of the interventions on how to go about curing it is rewarding yourself with something you want except sugar, of course!
  • Other herbal remedies known to help a lot include fenugreek, gymnema, and ginseng. They have the property to produce sweet flavor in your mouth thus makes a good substitute for other sweets.

To stop being a sugar addict is never an easy task. But as long as you’re decided on to curb on sugar cravings, you definitely will be able to quit. This will make you even healthier as well. Good luck!




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Date: December 23, 2011 | Category: General Health
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