How to Stop Wisdom Tooth Swelling

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How to Stop Wisdom Tooth SwellingA lot of individuals who are somewhere between 15-25 years old, most probably, have experienced the agonizing pain associated with growth of wisdom tooth. It is the last set of molar teeth that form at the back of the mouth. Because of the wisdom tooth growing in, it pushes into other teeth which then bring about irritation, inflammation, and swelling which oftentimes lead to having impacted wisdom tooth. Moreover, the condition causes further problems such as infection, tooth decay, and cysts. This can be a big pain, and while extraction of it is the best treatment of choice, the process of wisdom teeth removal may not be immediately done unless the pain goes away. What’s left to do then? Well, here are some of the ways you can undertake on how to stop wisdom tooth swelling.

What are its Symptoms?

  • Gums swell and characterized with redness
  • Gums and jaw ache
  • Tender and bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Headaches
  • Swollen lymph nodes on the neck

Ways to Stop Wisdom Tooth Swelling and Pain

Once again, the condition is usually relieved through dental surgery with local anesthesia. The downside of the operation is that it can lead to other complications such as dry socket. The cost varies depending on the case. Therefore, a visit to your dentist may be a big help to understand completely what the method of treatment is. Since, it is necessary that swelling and hurting should subside prior to extraction; the following natural methods may be employed:

  • Painkillers will definitely provide benefit to stop wisdom tooth pain. There is an array of analgesics available at your local heath stores to numb the gums and alleviate discomfort caused by the problem.
  • Sucking on ice is also another great way to provide remedy for tooth pain and swelling.
  • Garlic rubbed directly on the area is one of the most well-known ways to deal with the problem. Naturally, garlic has an antiseptic property which fights off bacteria causing the issue. Salt may be rubbed alongside garlic as well.
  • Peppermint leaves may be put on the tooth for about 20 minutes since it can get rid of the abscess caused by appearance of your wisdom tooth.
  • Clove oil poured in a cotton swab may be applied on the gums in order to be relieved from pain.
  • Hot and spicy foods should generally be avoided to prevent further irritation of the affected tooth.

Dental pain is one of the worst pains that one could ever suffer from. While it is inevitable at times, it’s a good thing that there are wide selections of remedies available to help you get rid of wisdom tooth swelling.




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