How to Teach Children Good Hygiene

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how to teach children good hygieneAt a young age, children must be taught about good hygiene. They must be educated especially in the house what good hygiene is. Children want to try everything, and it will keep them closer to germs which affect their physical well being, their health. So it is very important that these kids must be taught what good hygiene is. This is definitely excellent for at an early age, they already know how to take good care of themselves giving them more opportunities to be in charge of heir healthy and personal hygiene.

Good Personal Hygiene for Kids

  • Washing the hands is very simple yet very important. After doing a dirty job, you must wash your hands or use hand sanitizer or alcohol to keep your hands clean. Tell your child that everything that your hand holds gets to your mouth. The germs will be carried and will affect you much, causing you to feel unwell.
  • Germs cannot be seen. Kids must be taught to have fun while be cautious with proper hygiene.
  • They must be taught to brush their teeth, let them learn the importance of these things, explain to them that if they do not brush their teeth and take a bath, there will be negative results, let them know what will happen, let them know the consequences.
  • Be a model to your children. Do what you preach. If you are teaching your child good hygiene, you must do also for them to see it. Show them how to wash hands and how to properly brush the teeth and let it be a routine for the.

These simple teachings will keep away your child from being susceptible to diseases. This will be carried along as they grow older, and so parents out there would be so much glad proud if their child grows neat, clean and healthy.




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Date: October 13, 2011 | Category: General Health
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