How to Travel During Pregnancy

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how to travel safe during pregnancyJust because the woman has gotten pregnant means she won’t be able to enjoy the fun of traveling. This is true, however many pregnant women still contemplate whether it is safe to travel by car, bus, air travel, or go on cruises.

Apparently, if you are willing to hit the road or anywhere else just so you can pursue your planned vacation, the final say will always be from your doctor. It plays a pretty important role to seek the advice of your healthcare professional and see to it that you are, in fact, having a healthy pregnancy. On the other hand, we’ve prepared some tips for you on how to travel during pregnancy.

Safe Travel for Pregnant Women

  1. Talk to your doctor about your plans to travel especially if you have to fly. Be aware of the complications of going on flights such as premature birth as well as your maternity condition.
  2. They say that the safest time to travel is during the second semester of gestation.
  3.  Should you air travel, make sure that you check the policy of your chosen airline regarding traveling. There are some who would allow pregnant women to travel even during her late pregnancy while others don’t.
  4. Consider wearing stockings during flights since traveling via air makes a pregnant woman prone to deep vein thrombosis.
  5. Visit places where there is no risk of malaria which may be dangerous for both the mother and the unborn baby.
  6.  When out on a holiday or any other tours, it is obvious that you should avoid certain sports and activities such as skiing, saunas, scuba diving, and high altitude activities which may pose harm to your child.
  7. Be mindful of the food you eat to avoid traveler’s diarrhea. Make sure that you eat meat which is fully cooked or you may suffer from conditions which can generally affect your baby.
  8. Avoid long drive and make your trip short to avoid being stressed out.

Extra precautions are necessary since no one would want to compromise the health of both the mother and the baby. Finally, while on tour, any symptoms felt such as bleeding, contractions, visual problems, headaches, and abdominal cramping needs immediate medical attention, so make sure to bring your medical records with you as well. Have fun!




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Date: September 20, 2011 | Category: Women's Health
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