How to Treat a Mild Burn

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treat a mild burnIf asked what the common injuries that can happen almost everywhere particularly in the household, then one of the answers would be burn. Second and third degree burns caused by fire or any other untoward incident that needs to be prompted medical treatment immediately, but you’re lucky if it’s just mild burn as there a couple of self-help treatment you can do on how to treat a mild burn. Below is something what you can do when such problem arises.

First Aid Treatment on How to Cure a Mild Burn

  1. Once the situation happened, care for it by trying to run down cool tap water on the burnt area for five minutes. Do not attempt to put ice on it as it may damage the skin even more. You can also try to soak the hand or the affected area in a tub filled with cool water.
  2. Pat dry the area with burn and make use of a gel to provide soothing relief to it. Aloe vera gel is the most effective home remedy you can apply on how to treat the area.
  3. After the gel has been applied, try to wrap the area in a sterile dressing. Cover it in a way that it’s slightly loose in order for it to heal accordingly. Remove and replace the dressing everyday to prevent infection of the site.
  4. Swelling and pain may be felt depending on the injury site which is why you can take NSAIDs on how to get rid of the pain.
  5. Watch out for any untoward signs and symptoms of infection such as delayed healing of the blister, swelling and tenderness, the site is warm to touch, discharge on the area, and fever.

A little reminder though, never attempt to remove any clothes or jewelries in the affected site as doing so creates further damage or break in the skin. Butter is also not safe for use as it won’t heal it but poses it to infection more.

Providing first aid care on how to treat a mild burn is relatively is as long as one has enough knowledge on how to deal with the problem. Therefore, just make sure that you follow the steps stated above as measures to treating mild burns.




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