How to Treat a Stress Headache

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how to treat stress headacheHeadache caused by stress is known for most people. Who wouldn’t know this condition? Well, everyone can attest to how stress headache feels like. Too much work, bothered by a lot of things, confused or depressed are just some of the causes of stress headache. What do you usually do when suffering from stress headache? How do you fight pain and be relieved? These tips may help you how to treat stress headache.

How to Cure Stress Headache

  • Taking a good rest will let you feel better. Sleeping is the best form of rest. You will not only revive the energy you lost during the day, you also were able to free your mind from stress and worries.
  • Those who suffer from stress headache just take medicine like ibuprofen to ease the pain. This is simply because they could not stand the feeling anymore. And if often you experience such pain, then you’ll have to consult your doctor and may give you prescription for the best medication you need.
  • You work out, have some relaxation techniques, you could stretch, do yoga exercises and meditation to relieve stress. These are ways where you could find relief.
  • An ice or hot pack placed on your head or neck can also be a big help for you when experiencing headache brought by stress.
  • Going to the spa and get a good massage will truly help you out. The benefit of getting a massage is simply relieving, it’ll help you take away the uneasiness.

Stress is a part of our lives, it’s hard to stay away from it but we can do ways to manage it before stress headache and other effects strike us. These maybe some tips on how to treat stress headache but if we can stay away from stress that causes it, it would much better.




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Date: September 26, 2011 | Category: General Health
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