How to Treat a Swollen Lip

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treat swollen lipLips are swollen – what an unsightly experience, right? Yes, our lips are one of the most noticeable features of the face so it’s a big pain to think that our lips are swelling. However, what makes it a bigger pain is that it can give one an extreme discomfort since it can hinder our way of speaking, eating, and drinking. What causes swelling of the lip anyways? Apparently, lip swelling whether on the upper or lower lip can be due to reasons such as allergic reaction, misfitted braces or dentures or after dental work, trauma caused by tattoo or piercing, or any underlying medical conditions like angioedema. Oftentimes, busted lip occurs as a result of trauma or injury to the area especially in a toddler.

Swollen lip, like any other, is no fun! Therefore, don’t live with the tingling and painful sensation it brings. Instead, take note of some home remedies and other treatment options you can do to treat a swollen lip. Let’s see.

How to Cure Swollen Lip

Apparently, treatment will vary depending on what causes the condition. To start off, if the condition is brought about by an allergic reaction then antihistamines should be taken. Antibiotics are also otherwise required for blisters found on lips. Another way to get rid of swollen lip associated with dryness and blisters is through hydration. Drinking plenty of fluids as well as fruit juice are surely beneficial in treating them.

As for other home remedies, the aloe vera gel which is applied on the affected area is proven effective since it contains properties helpful heal the issue. Ice cubes wrapped in a towel and applied on the area of affectation is also another option on how to treat swollen lip as well as provide relief on regarding pain.  Turmeric powder has healing properties as well thus can be sued to solve the problem.

You diet can also aid in addressing the issue. With this, consume food rich in Vitamin C thus speeding up the recovery from the condition. Finally, triggers and aggravating factors should be eliminated to fully prevent its occurrence. Having said this, ensure that you stay away from eating food that can trigger allergic reactions as well as external irritants like dust, mite, and dander. Good luck!




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