How to Treat a Zit Overnight

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treat zits on face overnightHave you ever felt disgusted just because a pimple suddenly appeared out of nowhere and you got an important activity in the morning? It may sound too vain, but this can really be annoying. Untimely appearance of pimples can cause you to become frustrated thus you’ll look for ways on how to treat a zit overnight. While not all blackhead, whitehead, acne, pimples, and big zit and cyst may react to overnight remedies and take time to heal, some are cooperative enough and will react immediately thus letting you enjoy a flawless skin in the next morning. Hmm, when you’re faced with the situation of untimely pimples, what can you do? Find out in our post below.

How to Cure a Zit Overnight

Toothpaste has been known as an effective remedy on how to treat a zit overnight. It is said to dry up the skin thus reducing the size of the pimple. You can learn more about the use of toothpaste as a zit zapper by reading on Does Toothpaste Really Help Cure Acne?

Another home remedy proven beneficial on how to get rid of untimely zits is honey. This contains antiseptic properties thus fighting off bacteria causing pimples. This may be applied on the face after washing with a mild soap. Rinse off after fifteen minutes and you’re good.

Over the counter treatment like medicated acne mask may also be used to remove annoying pimples. Moreover, you can opt for facial wash such as Neutrogena and Cetaphil to help you with your quest. Benzoyl peroxide is also an alternative OTC product which can be used to eliminate disgusting zits.

Moreover, you can also apply ice on your face after washing it like you normally do. Finally, many attest by the effectiveness of aspirin crushed in a container and added with some honey and warm water until you’ve achieved a pasty consistency. This can be applied on the spot and be left for 15 minutes before finally rinsing off.

It is important that you care for you’re an emerging pimple immediately to prevent it from spoiling your activity the next day. However, when none of these overnight remedies seem to work, you can also do some make up tricks to conceal your zits. Stay beautiful!




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