How to Treat Acne

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how to treat acneAcne is a known problem among all ages especially the teens. This does not only make you less beautiful but it will cause to lower your level of confidence with the things that you do. It affects you much, how you do things, how you mingle with others and will even make you feel depressed. But this kind of problem has a solution. There are different reasons why people get acne, this is because of the hormones that stimulates acne. If the condition of your skin gets serious, you have to consult your dermatologist.

Tips on How to Cure Acne

  • Don’t let your hair irritate your skin. Pin your hair up so acne won’t get any more serious.
  • It has been said that certain pills could help in eliminating acne but you must not take any pill, it’s necessary that you consult your doctor about what pill you are to take. The presence of estrogen makes the condition better.
  • There are natural remedies for you to treat acne. Because of sweating , there is a greater chance of having acne especially when the weather is hot. Honey and oatmeal are also good in treating acne.
  • Washing the face will eliminate the bacteria from face which causes severity with the acne.  Benzyl peroxide is a proven ingredient among acne medicines to help treat acne.

If everything gets worse with your acne, then you have to consult your dermatologist to avoid deep scars on face. Bring back your confidence by knowing how to treat acne. Treat yourself and look the best you can by getting back your flawless, radiant looking skin.




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Date: September 19, 2011 | Category: General Health
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