How to Treat Avulsion Fracture

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how to treat avulsion fractureYou may have experienced suffering from fractures at some point in your life. Commonly known as broken bone, this may occur as a result of trauma or injury to the bone after a great stress or force has been exerted. Bone fracture has a lot of types such as comminuted fracture, greenstick, and avulsion fracture. Avulsion fracture occurs when there is a tear in the tendon or the ligament which is attached to the bone. Like any other type of fracture, it manifests symptoms at any body area such as the finger, thumb, hip, wrist, elbow, hip, fibula, ankle, and knee.  The thought of it may sound scary, but don’t fret as it is, in fact, one of the easiest type to take care of. How to treat avulsion fracture, you ask? See more below.

Avulsion Fracture Treatment

Apparently, interventions on how to cure this type of fracture are dependent on the gravity of the condition.  Oftentimes, surgery is one of the methods of treatment, but most cases only require conservative treatment though, and this can be done through the following:

  • Resting and immobilization of the affected area is essential in treating the problem. Doing so will allow the affected area to heal completely. Immobilizing may be done by putting on splint or cast to the area. Ambulatory exercises may be done to promote bone healing after some time. Recovery may take up to eight weeks depending on the case.
  • Ice application is also necessary to reduce swelling and inflammation in the area of affectation.
  • Elevating the site when bleeding is present is helpful as well. This should not be done to open fracture though.
  • Anti-inflammatory meds may be taken in order to relieve swelling and pain brought by the condition.

The tips above are just some of the basic first aid treatment you can follow on how to cure the problem. However, in instances when the symptoms seem to worsen despite application of these methods, then don’t hesitate to seek medical attention immediately to see if further medical intervention is necessary.




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