How to Treat Black Eye

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how to treat a black eye

Trauma or injury to the eye can result to a collection of blood in the area and may eventually bring about the occurrence of black eye or bruise. Known for its medical term as periorbital hematoma, the condition display symptoms of purple to blackish discoloration surrounding the area of the eye and is usually associated with swelling and pain. Healing time usually ranges from 4 days and extends up to a week.

To live with the condition for days is slightly discomforting and embarrassing. However, there are a lot of measures one can take on how to cure black eye. While severe cases obviously call for medical treatment especially when you’re badly bruised and you have other injuries such as broken nose, teeth, etc., mild injuries can be treated right at the comfort of your home through the use of home remedies to help you deal with the problem. Given below are some of the natural ways you can do on how to treat black eye.

How to Get Rid of Black Eye through Home Remedies

Probably, the best home remedy to cure the condition is to eliminate swelling and internal bleeding through cold compress. Gone are the old wives tales when you have to put cold steak on the area of affectation. Nowadays, an ice pack wrapped in a thin cloth can be applied on the eye while putting slight pressure on it. On the other hand, application heat on the black eye may also be done 24-48 hours after the injury. This will help absorption of blood in the site and calm the tissues on it.

Proper positioning when sleeping is also a good way to heal the problem. The head should be elevated when sleeping to prevent pressure on the area. Once pressure is pressed on the eyes, it can aggravate the situation even more.

Vitamin K can also be trusted for bruising. The vitamin is known to help speed up recovery and healing process of the skin tissues. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s label for its proper use. Vitamin C also possesses natural healing properties which can help accelerate recovery from the condition.

Pain medications such as acetaminophen and other over the counter medication treatment may be taken to provide relief from pain. While aspirin can be used as cure as well, it should be used minimally since it can trigger bleeding in some circumstances. Pineapples, papaya, and parsley can be applied on the area of affectation since they contain antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties that are beneficial in treating the condition.

Finally, you can try to disguise the problem by putting on a little make up to conceal it. in instances where there is a change in your vision, it is suggested that you visit your doctor immediately to be prompted medical treatment accordingly.




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