How to Treat Body Odor

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how to treat body odorHaving bad odor can be very embarrassing. It does not really work by merely taking a bath and having a good hygiene because when sweat strikes you, there’s a big possibility that sweat will attract bacteria causing bad odor. It can be avoided, it can be treated. If it has been your problem lately, well there are ways to eliminate or treat it.

Teenagers as well as adults must address this kind of problem. Knowing the causes of body odor may help to understand how it happens. It is caused by our sweat, they carry a fatty substance from the food we eat that attracts bacteria causing body odor. It will make you uncomfortable, it will make you and people around you feel upset.

Get Rid of Body Odor

  •  The first thing which is a must is to exercise a proper hygiene. Take a bath everyday but if it is necessary, then you can take a bath twice to eliminate odor.
  • Avoid using used clothes and socks for they contain bacteria and germs already that may cause bad odor.
  • The use of baking soda or cornstarch is also effective. It eliminates the bad smell. Pour a small amount on hand and apply it to the underarm.
  • Bad odor can be caused by the food we eat. Do not eat much onions, garlic and spicy food items. Limit your sweet intake. Eat a healthy diet. Be sure to eat fruits and vegetables. We really can’t deny if we eat unhealthy diet for it reflects and affects the body first and foremost.
  • Eliminate the toxins from the body. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Changing clothes often taking a bath well, making sure that all the necessary parts are clean will help.
  • Use soaps that are antibacterial. They are good to treat and finally eliminate bad odor. Use deodorant to control and eliminate bad odor.
  • If nothing happens with those natural ways to treat body odor, then it’s the time for you to consult a doctor, from them you can have better or more effective natural remedies.

Body odor is a common problem among people especially those who sweat the most. It may be a lot disgusting but these natural remedies how to treat bad odor will help much. Have the natural smell that will surely give you more confidence and poise.




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Date: September 30, 2011 | Category: General Health
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