How to Treat Boils at Home

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Although the season of summer is the best time to enjoy several activities, a lot of summer-related diseases may also be very common thus people should be extremely cautious. For instance we have boils. These are localized skin infection caused by bacteria. Tender and red area is always the primary symptom of the skin problem and will later on progress to an area where the area is hardened and its center becomes filled with pus.

Skin abscess is another term for boils, and apparently there are several types of them including – cystic acne, pilonidal cyst, and carbuncle or furuncle. They can be extremely painful and can target different areas on the skin, on face, under the arm, inner thigh, groin, and buttocks.

Apparently, there is a lot of therapeutic treatment which you can do to help you on how to treat these nasty pimple-like occurrence. But if you are looking for cost-effective solutions, well then there are a lot of steps you can do as well on how to treat boils at home. Here’s some you can do.

How to Cure Skin Boils through Home Remedies

A boil should never be squeezed, doing so will just worsen the infection. Instead, you can soak a clean cloth in saltwater solution and apply on the boil. It will eventually burst open, but if it doesn’t, try to repeat the procedure again. Once it has burst, wash the affected area with an antibacterial soap. In areas such as the groin, buttocks, and inner thighs, hot water bath with Epsom salt is always ideal to treat cysts naturally.

Tea tree oil is another home remedy relied on to treat cystic acne and skin abscess. It contains natural antiseptic property which helps in eliminating skin problems such as this. This can be applied directly on the abscess after cleaning it up. Cotton ball soaked in castor oil can be rubbed onto the skin as another home remedy.

Garlic and onion are also another effective home remedies on how to treat boils at home.  Their juice can be mixed and can be applied on the boil to help speed up recovery and draining of the pus. Turmeric powder contains anti-inflammatory properties which can generally help in treating abscess of the skin. the powder may be dissolved in a cup of water and can be taken atleast twice daily.

On the other hand, when the boils don’t seem to heal despite the natural remedies given above, it is better to seek medical attention immediately to be given oral antibiotics and topical cream for the problem. Hope this has helped!




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