How to Treat Callus

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callous formation on handsRepeated pressure and friction of the skin on hands and on feet may result to different disorders such as bunion, blister, corns, carbuncle, or wart. But the most common effect as a result of excessive rubbing and friction is callus formation. Generally, calluses are defined as a hardened, thick, and dead skin area.

The incident can be one of the most common problems that one can experience during their lifetime. However, to experience this is very discomforting since it brings pain and can lead to infection when left untreated. And while acquiring calluses on hand, finger, foot, or any bony prominence is a big pain especially since the aforementioned parts are used most often, there are, however, a lot of natural remedies which can help you on how to get rid of callus formation.

Home Remedies on How to Cure Calluses

One can try to soak his feet in Epsom salts dissolved in warm water for atleast 20 minutes and can be scrubbed on the area where calluses are present. The dead skin of the callous foot can be sloughed off using pumice stones, nail files, and foot files. Shaving entails a lot of care since you may shave off too much skin and will eventually lead to bleeding.

Castor oil can be applied on skin as the oil can help in thinning down the calloused skin and will facilitate in easier removal on the area. St. John’s Wort cream may be an alternative for castor oil. Natural moisturizers such as papaya as well as Vaseline, Vitamin E, and calendula herbal cream may also be applied to keep the skin smooth and avoid painful cracking.

Other preventive measures should also be practiced to avoid aggravating the problem such as wearing socks overnight, and looking for a good pair of footwear for your tootsies. Gloves may be worn on the hand when performing activities of daily living.

In an instance when the situation has become worse and signs of infection are present, a trip to a doctor may be done to be prompted medical attention immediately and prevent further complications. Good luck!




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