How to Treat Crabs at Home Naturally

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“Crabs” are better known as pubic lice. These are six-legged creatures which thrive in the pubic hair or the external genitals of both men and women, and are considered as sexually transmitted disease (STD). They’re scientifically known as Phthirius pubis and the condition is medically referred to as pediculus pubis. It is noted that several individuals are affected by the condition, thus learn tips as we tell you its symptoms and how to treat crabs at home naturally.

Pubic Lice Causes and Symptoms

Several causes are linked to contribute to the problem. Having unprotected sexual intercourse especially with multiple partners are the top aggravators of the condition. Contact with the soiled articles of a sufferer including – towels, bed linens, and clothing can also create an avenue to transmission of pubic lice.

How do you know if you have crabs? You know that there is an infestation of the crabs when you see little white eggs, nymph, or adult louse resembling a crab on your pubic hair alongside extreme itching of the site. But generally, appearance of nits or eggs is the landmark sign of pubic lice infestation since itching may also be attributed to scabies or herpes. Sores due to excessive scratching and a change in the skin color are also present.

Is there a Way on How to Cure Crabs at Home?

You are lucky because there are ways on how to get rid of the problem. There are a couple of shampoos which can actually kill the lice present in your pubic hair. Some of the over the counter shampoos include Kwell and Elimite. These can be applied on the affected area. Let it sit for about 5 minutes before finally rinsing off.

A natural remedy may be done through washing with vinegar. This is proven effective, but it may cause stinging or burning sensation though. Lotions such as malathione can be bought over the counter and can be used as a treatment option on how to remove the lice.

Finally, prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, sexual abstinence to avoid infestation may be done to prevent transmission of the problem. If you are sexually active though, it is important that you employ safe sex practices by using condom to avoid getting crabs. Lastly, good personal hygiene by drying your pubic hair thoroughly and avoiding borrowing of towels and underwear can help a lot in preventing the condition. In instances when symptoms seem to worsen, never hesitate to seek the help of your doctor.




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Date: December 20, 2011 | Category: General Health
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