How to Treat Cramps

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Treat crampsSpasmodic involuntary twitching and contraction of the muscle – that is just among the definitions of cramps. If you’ve been faced with the situation, you know how terrible this experience is.

Apparently, muscle cramps can occur in any part of the body. Cramping in the stomach area can range from less serious to life threatening medical conditions. Menstrual cramps are the most common complaints of many women during their period. Your lower extremities are also prone to develop cramping especially in the calf/calves and foot/ feet.

Leg cramps at night, abdominal cramps, menstrual cramps, or even one during pregnancy, no matter what part of the body you’re experiencing it, this can be downright debilitating.  So, are you wondering how to treat cramps? Well, you’re lucky enough as there are a lot of thins you can actually do on how to get rid of this annoying happening through home remedies. Here’s how.

How to Cure Cramps

Abdominal/ Menstrual Cramps

Heat application is the best remedy beneficial in this situation. Apply heat through a heating pad and place it on the abdominal area or to a certain location where it’s cramping. Lie on your stomach when doing this to achieve maximum results.

Foot/ Calf Cramps

Let the sufferer, stand on the ground and try to tip toe if the foot is the affected site. For the calf, you have to straighten the affected person’s knee and try to push the foot up. You can massage the area gently.

In general, you may also try some of the tips on how to cure the condition:

  • To find comfort through heat, you can also bathe in hot bath to soothe the muscles. Drinking tea will also help in relaxing your contracted muscles.
  • You need to get moving. Exercise or avoiding sedentary lifestyle is suggested to relieve and prevent occurrence of cramps especially during period.
  • Modify diet by taking in foods rich in calcium to lessen severity of cramps.
  • Avoid wearing constricting clothes as well as high-heeled shoes as they oftentimes impede blood circulation thus resulting to the condition.
  • Analgesics may be your treatment of choice when suffering from this.

There you go. We’ve given you plenty of tips you can choose from on treating cramps. Try these home remedies and see which of these works for you. Good luck!




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