How to Treat Dog Bites

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how to treat dog bitesWhile dogs may be tagged as man’s best friend, it’s noted that based on statistics, about 1000 people in the US seek medical attention as a result of dog bites. These are very common most especially in kids. They pose great threat to the sufferer not to mention the risk of rabies and infection. Therefore, it pays to know some measures on how to treat dog bites.

Dog Bites – First Aid Treatment

Generally, how to cure dog bites is aimed at three variables – getting medical attention immediately, reducing infection, and preventing rabies. In the moment when a man is bitten by whichever dog breed, it is a standard precaution to seek medical attention immediately. But while waiting for medical help, perform some of the tips on how to treat it:

  1. Clean the wound with running water and soap.
  2. Do not attempt to let the wound bleed since there is a possibility that you inject the rabies deeper into the wound.
  3. Apply pressure and cover it with dry and sterile gauze.
  4. See a doctor immediately.

At the hospital, the doctor may require you to get tetanus shots in doses. Antibiotics may also be given to allow the wound to heal and prevent infection from spreading. Depending on the laceration, the wounds may also be sutured as part of treatment plan. Finally, you need to watch out for signs of infection include – fever, redness, swelling, and any discharge coming from the wound. If any of these happens, then do not ever hesitate to get medical treatment.

So there you go! Those are just some of the tips you can do when responding to dog bites. Hope this has helped!




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Date: December 15, 2011 | Category: General Health
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