How to Treat Epilepsy Naturally

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how to treat epilepsy naturallyEpilepsy is a common disorder of the central nervous system. The condition causes fits and provokes seizure activities which can be way too serious. Although the exact cause is not specifically known, genetic predisposition is linked to be one of the top reasons why it happens. Other triggers also include abuse of alcohol and stress.

Basically, drugs top the steps to treat the problem. Medications such as Dilantin, Tegretrol, Epilim, etc are some of the most prescribed drugs as treatment for the problem. But with the side effects that these meds give, suffering patients look for ways on how to treat epilepsy naturally. Are there really natural ways on how this can be cured? Let’s learn more of the suggestions.

Cure Epilepsy Symptoms at Home

And while anticonvulsant drugs are recommended for epilepsy treatment, it doesn’t mean that you have to forget about natural remedies. The ones we will mention below are also known to produce positive effect alongside reducing the symptoms of the condition.

  1. Follow a ketogenic diet. This diet is composed of high-fat, low-carbohydrate, and low-protein. It is believed that it helps control seizures.
  2. Oxygen therapy through hyperbaric oxygen is also said to provide good results in curing the condition.
  3. Nutrition plays an important part as well. Thus, it is necessary that you increase consumption of food rich in Vitamin B6, zinc, manganese, and magnesium.
  4. Eliminate possible allergies. Allergies are linked to occurrence of seizures as well. Therefore, one should get rid of any allergies that would provoke seizure activity.
  5. Opt for other alternatives such as eliminating stressors and triggers that may aggravate the problem. Biofeedback, homeopathic and herbal remedies, and acupuncture can also contribute in combating the situation.

Suffering from epilepsy may be a big pain. But follow the abovementioned tips on how to get rid of the symptoms naturally in order for you to live way too easier.




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