How to Treat Eye Irritation

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treat eye irritationNo one is exempted from suffering from eye irritation as we all get to experience it. Symptoms such as redness, severe itching, burning sensation, eye pain, and sensitivity to light are usually seen when our eyes get irritated. But what gives it more discomfort is that blurring of the vision may be happen alongside having watery or dry eye.

What Causes Eye Irritation?

Some of the culprits for the occurrence of eye infection can be attributed to any allergy as well as external factors which lead to the problem such as any irritant like pollution, dust particles, dander, cosmetic use, contact lenses, and too much straining of the eyes.

On the other hand, there are also, common eye problems or disorders that make the eye irritated like conjunctivitis or the pink eye and blepharitis.  But whatever the causes are, immediate actions on how to treat eye irritation are needed to avoid any untoward complications. Having said this, how do you care for an irritated eye? Let’s see.

Treatment for an Irritated Eye

Primarily, avoidance is needed to treat eyelid or eye infections. If you are allergic to any irritants that may trigger it, then you should take good care of yourself. For instance, stay indoors as possible to avoid pollution and any dust particles outside. Or if you must go outside, ensure that you are wearing protective eyewear to help you deal with it. Contacts and cosmetics should be changed on a regular basis to avoid further irritation.

Medication wise, antihistamines can be taken if allergies are to be blamed.  There are a lot of OTC meds available in your local health store which can help get rid of the symptoms. Several eye drops are also available which have decongestants and antihistamines which can help alleviate inflammation. Moreover, decongestants are thought to clear up redness of the eyes.

As for the home remedies on how to treat eye infection, you can apply cold compress on the affected area thus constricting the blood vessels in the optical area which can reduce redness and alleviate pain.  Green tea steeped in boiling water and let cool can be wrapped in a thin cloth and be put on the eyes for a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. You should also try to rest your eyes if it’s caused by excessive straining such as too much use of computers, reading books, or watching television. Finally, once symptoms persist, you must have a trip to a doctor for them to be treated accordingly.




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