How to Treat Hematoma

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how to treat hematoma in the legA hematoma is defined as the abnormal collection of blood in any part of the body due to damage in the blood vessels. There are a lot of causes why this happens such as introducing trauma to the skin like in piercings and tattoo. Hematoma after plastic surgery is pretty common as well. The types of hematoma are actually considered depending on its severity such as:

  • Serious Contusion: Cerebral contusion as a result of subdural or epidural hematoma is the best example for this. This is life threatening since it is the brain that is mainly affected and will later on progress to other complications such as internal hemorrhage, loss of consciousness, neurologic function abnormalities, and even death.  In cases like this, hospitalization and careful monitoring of the patient is strictly required.
  • Less Serious Contusion: Less serious types are usually considered minor injuries such as skin bruise on different areas of the body including the abdominal area, thigh, leg, nails, ears, and eyes. They usually come after trauma has been forced on any body part. Symptoms such as black or blue discoloration, swelling, and pain are always manifested in the condition.

Luckily, most cases of bruising and contusion are considered minor and don’t require hospitalization. With a couple of first aid technique, you’ll be good on how to treat hematoma at home. Let’s take a look at how to get rid of it below.

How to Cure Hematoma

Ever heard of the R-I-C-E method as a way of tending to contusion? If you haven’t, follow the tips on how to get rid of that black and blue on your body:

  • Rest. Since the soft tissues are damaged and is usually associated with fracture, it is pretty important that you rest and immobilize the affected area. Do this by keeping yourself from performing strenuous activities for atleast a week in order to promote healing. How long to heal depends on the gravity of the situation.
  • Ice Application. The coldness that ice gives reduces swelling as it reduces the blood flow in the affected area. This is one by wrapping couple of ice cubes in a thin cloth and applying it on the site for 15 minutes. Ice packs also numb the area from the pain felt.
  • Compressions. With a bandage, you can wrap the area in order to speed up healing. However, make sure that compressions are snugly which means it’s neither too loose nor too tight. Swelling and bleeding is controlled when this is done.
  • Elevation. Raising the affected area in the level of the heart helps in controlling swelling.

The condition usually runs its course for atleast 48 hours. Other home remedies like massaging the area can also be done to facilitate blood circulation in the area. Another home remedy like applying on Vitamin E on the site may be done as well. For the last piece of advise, one can also eat foods high in Vitamin C since it’s known to speed up healing and recovery as well. Good luck!




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