How to Treat Infected Ear Piercing

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infected ear piercingAny foreign object and trauma introduced to any part of the body may result to infection. Having said this, let’s take body piercing as an example. Nowadays, body piercing has become widely popular. Long ago, only the ear part is the site where piercing is common, but now we can usually see them on almost any part of the body. Usually, we can see them on the belly button, eyebrow, and even on the nose.

For babies who have just had their ear lobe pierced, there is an increased risk for infection, and symptoms such as erythema or redness on the site, swelling, tenderness, and discharge accompanied by fever are the indication that infection has occurred. For someone who’s suffering from it, it may be discomforting. So, how can we treat and care for the infected ear caused by piercing? Let’s see.

How to Cure Infected Ear Piercing

Before treating for the infected area, you should always keep in mind that proper handwashing is needed to make sure that it would not further aggravate the condition. Once you’re done, you may start cleaning the area using a cotton ball soaked with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. You can also use saline solution as an alternative if hydrogen peroxide is not available.

After cleaning the infected part, you can go for any of the two home remedies below.

Option 1. By using turmeric powder and by applying it directly on the puncture site.

Option 2. By using saltwater. Half teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of warm water can also be used to treat infected ear caused by piercing.

In addition, if you want to heal the would even faster then you can also purchased antibiotic ointments and creams at the nearest drugstore.

When all remedies are done and it seems that nothing is working, then it is time to consult medical treatment.




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Date: May 2, 2011 | Category: General Health
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