How to Treat Second and Third Degree Burns

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second and third degree burn treatmentBurns are very common occurrence, and there are a lot of causes for its happening such as – heat, sunburns, chemicals, radiation, and electricity. It is very important to make a distinction between a mild burn from a serious one. And most probably the best thing that can help you do so is to distinguish the damage of the burns. Through this, burns can be classified according to the following:

  • First degree (1st): considered the least serious among the three, this affects only the skin’s outer layer. Oftentimes, treatment can be don by clicking on the link given.
  • Second degree (2nd): the second layer of the skin (dermis) is affected. This is usually characterized by blisters and redness in the spot.
  • Third degree (3rd): considered the most serious among the categories. Third degree burns usually cause extreme tissue damage that may affect even the bones, muscles, and fat which result to scarring.

Healing time of 1st degree burns are usually fast, however 2nd and 3rd degree burns take time to heal and they usually require immediate medical attention through hospitalization. However, while waiting for the patient to be prompted professional help immediately here are some ways on how to treat second and third degree burns.

Home Remedies on How to Cure for Serious Burns

degree burns can be intervened by immersing it in cool water for atleast 15 minutes. Cold compres may be applied to it when the affected area is just small such as in the hand. This can be done by wrapping an ice in a thin towel and putting it on the site. Antibiotic cream to relieve swelling can be done as a second method of treating the problem. it is also important to cover the wound in a sterile dressing or bandage. Ensure that the dressing is not too tight but not too loose. Dressings should be changed everyday to prevent infection. Blisters, as a fourth method, should not be broken by yourself. Allow it to break by itself. Fifth, the burn injury may be itchy so avoid scratching it as possible. Sixth, once delayed healing is experienced, make sure that you seek medical attention immediately.

As for 3rd degree burns, the best remedy is to never take off the victim’s clothes as well as other jewelries that may aggravate the condition even more. When serious burn is experienced, just cover the area with damp cloth or sterile dressing then seek hospital attention accordingly.




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