How to Treat Tourette Syndrome

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how to treat tourette syndromeGilles de la Tourette syndrome, or simply referred to as Tourette syndrome (TS), is a condition where a person make quick and repeated movements and sounds that they are beyond their control. The repeated movements and sounds that they make are referred to as tics. Learn more from this article about the history of the condition, what causes it, its signs and symptoms, and how to treat tourette syndrome.

Tourette Syndrome History and Causes

TS is a neurological condition, and its name is derived from the neurologist, Dr. Georges Gilles de la Tourette, who first found out the disease in 1885. The exact cause of the condition is not specifically known, but it is linked to occur as a result of genetic predisposition as well as an imbalance in the chemical substances which serve as messengers in different brain cells.

Statistics-wise, it is reported that about 10% of the population in the US is affected with the disease. Moreover, the condition occurs more in men than in women.

TS Symptoms

It is noted that symptoms usually manifest in children during the toddler stage and between kids ages 3-9 years old. This is a lifetime condition thus symptoms are still seen in adult stage.  Some of the noticeable symptoms include:

  • Facial tic
  • Repeated movements like sniffing, grunting, and coughing
  • Shoulder shrugging
  • Eye blinking

These are experienced many times in a day and can only be relieved when the patient is asleep.

How to Cure for Tourette Syndrome

Generally, management of the condition requires the help of your doctor. The physician may prescribe medication treatment including – dopamine blockers and botulinum toxin injections which help in controlling the tic, and anti convulsants.

However, these drugs are known to only control the symptoms. In addition, psychotherapy and deep brain stimulation may also be done for the patient.

Tourette syndrome can be a very debilitating disease thus families of the patients are asked to assist the sufferer in coping with the problem. Therefore, if you suspect that someone in your family may be suffering from the condition, make sure that you seek medical treatment immediately for a proper diagnosis. Good luck!




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